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Athena Mourning


Framed low level relief showing a female figure leaning on a spear


This war memoiral is mentioned in the following article from the Eton College Chronicle:

'Maurice Bevan (H.M.).
All those who knew Maurice Bevan, and they were many, will
have heard with sorrow of his death on January 6 at the age of 38.
The best way to give happiness to others is to be happy (not
pleasure-loving) yourself, and Maurice gave to others abundant
happiness. He was the first new boy to come to Jordley’s Place
after bis tutor moved there in 1899', and “I feel that I can trust
him ” was written at the end of his first Half. He was never very
strong and while at Eton did not overcome a tendency to slackness:
but “ he had hard luck in not playing for the House.” In spite of
some shortcomings due to this cause “the certainty remains that
he is a good boy and really trustworthy.” These words were
written of him by his tutor in his last year. At Trinity, Cambridge,
he very nearly died of rheumatic fever, and was never afterwards
physically strong.
But his courage steadily rose and triumphed over all difficulties.
He began his life’s work as a garden specialist, and he was adapted
to this by his excellent native taste: subsequently he went into
his father's business, married, and led a strenuous and happy
life. He was last at Eton in July for the unveiling of the memorial
to the boys of the same House who fell in the War, and no one who
saw him then could fail to realise that he was making others happy
every hour that he lived. The loving sympathy of all who knew
Maurice will be with his wife and his four children.'

[Source: Eton College Chronicle, No. 1917, Thursday, January 29, 1925, p.760]


Content (description)

Athena is shown in front of a stele, leaning on her spear. The image is taken from a marble relief in the Acropolis Museum Collection, Athens.

Content (note)

Female figure wearing a warrior's helmet


height (sight size): 525mm
width (sight size): 285mm

Materials & techniques note

Cast bronze

Physical description

Wooden plinth and frame, painted black



Unknown (Sculptor)


19th century
image FDA-A.347-2013
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