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MS 229


Fragment from a Samaritan Pentateuch [manuscript].

Publication, distribution, etc.

Gaza, 1300-1400.

Physical description

[2] leaves (1 bifolium) ; 108 x 103 mm.


Written in Samaritan Hebrew.


Material: membrane.


Format: fragment (bifolium torn from codex).


Written space: 79 x 62 mm.


Page preparation: ruled in dry point; no pricking visible.


Mise-en-page: single column (24-25 lines) written on ?first ruled line.


Decoration: none present in this fragment.


Handwriting: one hand.


Correction: none present in this fragment.


Marginalia, later additions: none present in this fragment.


Host volume: Statius, Sylvarum libri V. Achilleidos libri XII. Thebaidos libri II. Orthographia et flexus dictionum Graecarum omnium apud Statium cum accentib. et generib. ex uariis utriusq[ue] linguae authoribus. Printed in Venice by Aldo Manuzio in January 1519. Now: Eton, College Library, Gk.6.21.

Formatted contents note

Contents: Fragment from the Book of Numbers in the Samaritan Pentateuch.

Cite as

Eton College Library, MS 229


Origin: fragment associated with Paris, BnF, Sam. 15, a codex containing the Pentateuch. This copy was completed in Gaza for Abraham bar Abi Nis'an ben Hab Seerah bar Ab Hisda bar Abi Eliyon Harari, in the year 770 AH (1368/1369 AD). The manuscript was acquired on 1 April 1870 by bookseller Pierre Lefort, rue du Pont-Royal in Paris, and was listed in the Register of Acquisitions as no. 6218.


Provenance: a handwritten note on second leaf verso (upside down) reads: "Part of an Old Samaritan Bible -- P. Marmaduke 1863 given him by a Samaritan High Priest by Jacob Shellaby" i.e. Jacob esh-Shelaby. Jacob was a well-known figure who travelled no less than three times to England (1855, 1877, 1888) where he stayed mainly in London, giving lectures on the Samaritans and selling Samaritan manuscripts. The bifolium was at some point inserted as a loose leaf in ECL Gk.6.21, which had been owned by British consul at Venice Joseph Smith (1674-1770). Before being donated to Eton College by Joseph Burrell in 1983, the book also belonged to Colonel Sir Charles Forbes-Leith (1859-1930). There is no clear connection between the fragment and the volume in which it was found.


Bible. Pentateuch. Hebrew Versions Samaritan.


Manuscript fragments 14th century Palestine.

Added entry--name

Esh Shelaby, Jacob former owner.

Added entry--place

Palestine Gaza.


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