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You can explore the College Collections of historic books, manuscripts, archives, fine and decorative art, photographs, antiquities and scientific specimens here.

How to search: Using the 'Search the collection' box allows you to run a quick search. You can enter a combination of terms such as name, title, subject, etc. Please note that for multiple-term searches that include a name, you should use the Advanced Search to ensure that all relevant records are returned. Further information on searching may be found in Search help.

The catalogue is a work in progress and is being continually updated. Most collections are not yet available online in their entirety. New entries will be uploaded regularly as cataloguing progresses. 

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us for assistance. You may also wish to consult one or more of the additional catalogues available at Eton and elsewhere, or to explore some of our digital resources.

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