Run a quick search by using the 'Search the collections here...' box. You can enter a combination of terms such as name, title, subject, etc. Please note that for multiple-term searches including a name, you should use the Advanced Search to ensure that all relevant records are returned.

Use the Name field to search for people or organisations associated with the creation of objects, books and documents in the collections, e.g. ‘joseph banks’; ‘hardy, thomas’; ‘society of dilettanti’, etc. 

Limit the search to works produced within a date range via the Date fields.  To limit the search to a single year or day (eg. 1815, 18/06/1815), enter that date in both the Earliest date and Latest date fields.

If you only want to retrieve records that have images, click the Image tick-box.

If you want to exclude one or more categories of records from your search, you can de-select them using the Works of Art, Books or Archives tick boxes. (E.g., de-selecting Books, will limit your search to works of art and archive records only). 

If you are interested in searching just one category of record, select the Search Works of Art, Search Books or Search Archives search-screens using the tabs.