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Sarcophagus: Four centaurs hold portrait tondo

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Two pairs of centaurs pull two chariots to the centre. In that in the left rides Dionysus, nude and holding cup and thyrsus, accompanied by small Pan, a putto holding a torch, and a maenad piping. In the chariot on right. is Ariadne, draped, holding a thyrsus and with grapes in her hair. She is accompanied by a Pan and a maenad holding a bowl (?). Of each pair of centaurs, the one in the background supports a tondo in the centre, which contains portraits of a man and his wife. Of the centaurs in the foreground, the one on left plays a lyre, the other pours wine from a horn into a cantharos for a putto to drink. Along the bottom of the relief are small figures arranged symmetrically: in centre Pan and a ram butting one another while a Silenus with thyrsus and pine leaves stands in the background. A putto stands watching on each side, while on right a Pan rides up on a panther, on left a putto on a ram. On each side beyond, a putto with a pedum looks in surprise at a snake emerging from an open cista.

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height (actual size): 484mm
width (actual size): 750mm


Villa Borghese. Facciata seconda. Quattro centauri, Bacco in carro, due ritratti in un medaglione

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red chalk on paper





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• Montelatici (161)
• Louvre (Ma 1013)
• Charbonneaux (235)
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