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Object number


Object type



Bacchic base

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Was Fa 2 no. 60
Bm 10. 5b, 6, 7, 8 are all catalogued together as different views of the same Bacchic base
Bm 10. 5b is labelled Bm 10.5 in the album as is Bm. 10. 5 itself.

Other number

Fa 3 no. 60


Content (description)

A rectangular base with a foot projecting obliquely at each corner, decorated with the protome of a winged, horned, lion-faced monster. On each side is a figure scene beneath a broad band of floral scroll.
5b: main face. Dionysus visits Icarius. On left Icarius sits on a couch, a female reclining by him, and gestures in welcome to Dionysus, who stands in the centre, supported by a small satyr, while another removes his sandal. On right come three satyrs, piping and dancing, and lastly a bearded male embracing a female. In front of the draped couch stands a table. A curtain is draped across the background in two long swags. On far right a herm stands on a round pedestal.
6: back. In the centre, two winged putti, weeping and turning away, hold a large butterfly by its wings over two blazing torches which lean against an altar/pedestal. On each side a centaur gallops towards them, the one on left young and holding a thyrsus, the other bearded and with a pedum; each looks back to the figure riding on his back, on left a maenad, on right a nude figure playing the lyre.
7: In the centre, a bearded male, wearing a shaggy skin, sits to left on a rock, milking a goat, by the head of which stands a draped female and steadies it. On right a statue of a draped female holding a lotus flower stands on a stepped round base by a bare gnarled tree.
8: In the centre a deer suckles its young. A nude male leans on his staff on right and watches, while a half-draped female sits far left and assists the young animal. On far right on a round pedestal stands the statue of a bearded nude male holding a staff over his shoulder.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 478mm
width (actual size): 758mm


Ciferri Villa Montalto No. 60 written in ink on the back of the drawing

Inscription description

Villa Montalto N. 60 written in pencil on the front of the drawing lower left
Scale 'Largh.za' below drawing
I written in pencil below drawing lower left

Materials & techniques note

red chalk on paper





History and association

Previous ownership


• Fuhrer (no. 191)
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