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Object number


Object type



Relief of base: Egyptian scene

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Was Fa 2 no. 42

Other number

Fa 3 Villa no. 42


Content (description)

The reliefs are those of a round base, but drawn as if flat. On left a female with billowing drapery and a headdress of leaves sits to right holding a bunch of corn ears. She sits on a throne decorated with scale pattern. A bull stands facing her, a bird perched on its head, a fillet over its shoulder and a crescent moon on its side. In the background, facing the viewer over the bull's back, stands a man holding a tray of loaves (?) on his head. Then a man, wearing a skirt, arm bands and anklets and a headdress, stands to right holding tall reeds (?); a snake rears up at his feet. By him is a second man, similarly dressed, facing the viewer and holding a pipe (?); there is a child on the ground at his feet. In the centre a draped female stands to right holding double pipes by the side of a very large bearded male, who sits facing the viewer. He wears a loincloth and holds a club, resting his arm on a square object on right. On the ground by his feet are two pine cones. On right a draped male plays a flute by a tall cista and a flaming garlanded altar. A bull reclines on the ground to right and turns its head to look up to a sphinx, which reclines above on a groundline to left with a wheel between its forepaws. On far right stand two men wearing skirts, armbands and necklets; one of them holds a reed. Between them is a snake on a pedestal.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 492mm
width (actual size): 741mm


Ciferri Villa Mattei No.42
written in ink on the back of the drawing

Inscription description

D no.42 written in pencil on the front of the drawing lower right

Materials & techniques note

red chalk on paper





History and association

Previous ownership


• Fuhrer (no.529)
image 78461
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