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Object number


Object type



Relief: sacrifice before ancestral statue (?)

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Was Fa 2 no.32
Bm 11 65.1 and 66.2 are catalogued together being drawings of the same relief

Other number

Fa 3 Palazzo no. 32


Content (description)

On each side of the relief is a pillar. On left a bearded man gestures to left but looks right towards a draped woman. She points to a draped child between them, who also gestures to the man. On right of the woman a girl carries a large bowl, moving left but looking right up to a large statue of a man in a toga, holding out a roll. This statue stands on a low base. On right a statue of a bearded man in a himation stands on a column with a leafy capital and garlands slung round its base. By the side of this statue on right a draped bearded man, with his head covered, pours a libation at a blazing altar, which is decorated with a figure in relief. On far right two draped men stand watching.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 389mm
width (actual size): 558mm


Campiglia Palazzo Mattei No.32 written in ink on the back of the drawing

Inscription description

BN 32 written in pencil on front of drawing lower right

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper




History and association

Previous ownership

image 147459
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