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Object type



Sarcophagus: putti vintaging

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Sampson catalogue states that Fa 3 (was Fa 2) describes: 'piccola urnetta'

Other number

Fa 3 Palazzo no.71


Content (description)

The lid of the sarcophagus has alternating pediments and lunettes along the front, decorated from the end with two griffins flanking a baetyl, an eagle, two putti flying together holding a wreath, and, in the centre, a Medusa head. On the body are nude putti busy vintaging. On right three putti climb ladders set against tree trunks, up which vines are trained, to pick grapes. A fourth putto picks up one of the two baskets of grapes at the foot of the trees. Just right of centre two putti with their arms round one another's shoulders and supporting themselves on a cleft stick in the other hand tread the grapes in a vat, while another putto brings up more grapes on a tray on his head from left. On far left a Priapus herm, holding fruits in the fold of his skin, stands by an altar beneath a tree, round which climbs a vine. Two putti stand at the altar, one holding a jug and a full dish, the other an unclear object, perhaps an incense box. Vines grow round two trees in the background. A putto with a pedum leads a reluctant goat towards the altar from right, while a putto on right climbs a tree, which supports a vine, and another looks on from the background.
Below the drawing on the left is a scale in pencil

Content (object)



height (actual size): 483mm
width (actual size): 750mm


Ciferri Palazzo Mattei No. 71
written in ink on the back of the drawing

Inscription description

D No.7 written in pencil on the front of the drawing, lower right

Materials & techniques note

red chalk on paper





History and association

Previous ownership


• RR (III ; 294.1)
• Monumenta Matthaeiana ( III tav XLVI)
image 147470
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