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Object number


Object type



Bacchic sarcophagus

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Was Fa 2 no.15
Bm 12 38.1 and 39.2 are catalogued together being drawings of the same sarcophagus.

Other number

Fa 3 no. 15


Content (description)

On far left a bearded nude male sits on a high rock to right between two leafy trees. In the foreground stands an altar with a torch leaning against it (the torch is topped by a hand instead of a flame) A draped female with one breast bared sits on rocks and holds up a heaped platter while stirring a large bowl behind her, into which a small servant empties a jug. By her feet on right is a round altar topped with flames. In the background on left a bearded male stretches out his hands to right; on right stands a half-draped female. A draped female with her head covered bends over the altar. A bearded male with a pedum stands in the background on right by a herm which stands on a rock mound. A half-draped female on right leans on the herm. On right Pan sits on rocks between two trees and plays his pipes, while a goat lies on the rocks on left. A curtain hangs from the trees behind this scene. Pan looks to far right where Dionysus, supported by a small satyr, stands by the trunk of a spreading vine and looks down at a reclining female. A small satyr lifts her drapery from her. A nude satyr with a pedum stands on far right holding the trunk of another vine, which spreads above the female.

Content (object)


Content (note)

On the facade of the Villa Medici (Cagiano de Azevedo no.58 )


height (actual size): 502mm
width (actual size): 769mm


Calderi Villa Medici No. 15 written in ink on the back of the drawing

Inscription description

C. No. 15 V M written in pencil on the front of the drawing lower left
B written just below drawing in pencil, truncated and continued on Bm 12 39.2

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper



Calderi, Carlo (Artist)



History and association

Previous ownership


• Cagiano de Azevedo (no.58 On the facade of the Villa Medici)
• Matz (III no. 210)
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