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Vase with relief decoration and figured lid

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assigned by cataloguer


Content (description)

49: lid, decorated with figures in very high relief. Two females, one wearing scale armour, sit and lean towards one another. The one on right has fasces, a shield and a helmet, the other a horn and a shield, and holds a garland (?) with which a putto plays as he sits on a shield between them in the foreground.
50: one side of the vase, which is a high bowl on a foot. This side shows a sacrifice at a garlanded table with animal legs, behind which (or on which) are two heads on a pillar. On right a half-draped man holds a patera and a snake, and a draped woman holds a patera, while on left there is a woman with a snake and another holding a cornucopia and patera. Garlands hang above the scene, with a putto head at the centre. At each side of the scene, and dividing the two halves of the vase, stands a large nude female figure stretching her arms out backwards along the garland.
51: The other side of the vase. Here is shown a sacrifice at a rectangular altar, which is set obliquely, has animal feet, heavy garlands and nude female figures in relief. On left stands a woman holding a broad dish, on right a woman carries fruit in a fold of her garment and is followed closely by a small girl. Behind the altar a child pours out the contents of a globular jar.

Content (object)


Content (note)

The lid of the vase Bm 3. 50 and 51


height (actual size): 408mm
width (actual size): 541mm


Coperchio del detto vaso di Palavicini

Inscription description

written in pencil on the back of the drawing: 49

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper




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Previous ownership

image 146476
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