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Sarcophagus: Hippolytus

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Bm 4 114. 115,116, 117 are catalogued as one being parts of the same Sarcophagus


Content (description)

114. Short side. On left man in armour and cloak moves left gesturing at a hound on a lead by his right leg and looks right at a man, wearing a cloak, who stands leaning on a staff.
115. Short side. On right youth, wearing cloak, leads his horse to right but looks back to man on left, who is dressed in a tunic and holds objects which seem to be a pedum and a cornucopia ( in fact a hunting net).
116 and 117. Front. Far left Phaedra, her head covered, sits on throne with two putti by her and three attendants around her. One attendant leans forward and seems to hold a fold of drapery in the background. Hippolytus stands on right in front of his horse, his dog by his feet, and looks back, while his companion moves right past the pillar at the centre of the relief. On right a boar hunt takes place. The boar emerges from behind a tree far right, over which a hunter appears. Three hounds face the boar and two hunters gallop towards it. A female wearing a helmet and billowing drapery- Virtus-is by Hippolytus' side.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 416mm
width (actual size): 307mm


Testata del urna della contessa Matilde di Pisa

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper



Unknown (Artist)



History and association

Previous ownership


• ASR (III ; 2 no. 164)
• Papini (Pisa II ; 74 cat. no. 113, figs on p. 73 and 74; inv. no. XXI)
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