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Marine thiasos relief from 'Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus'

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Bm. 4 83,84,85 catalogued as one as all part of the same relief
Fa 3 no. 2 (formerly Fa 2 no.2)

Other number

Fa 3 no. 2


Content (description)

Drawn as four separate panels and labelled 1(84), 2 and 3(83) and 4(85): the following description keeps this order.
1.From left: triton, with putto and small Pan on back, blows horn. Nymph rides on back of sea-monster. Bare tree. (These figures are not to be found on the actual relief.) A nymph with her back to the viewer rides on the back of a triton with panther claws, and then a nymph rides on a monster, the head of which is not shown. All the figures move right.
2. A draped nymph rides on a sea-cow which is led by a putto sitting on a coil of a sea-horse. A nymph on the back of this horse carries two blazing torches. There is a triton in the background. Next a triton, holding a board-like object (in fact a lyre) and blowing a horn, pulls the curtained carriage of Neptune and Amphitrite to left.
3. Following the carriage to left comes a nymph on a plunging sea-horse, its reins held by a putto who stands on its foreleg.
4. Putto leads monster with nymph riding on its back, together with triton and nymph holding spear(?) (in fact only latter group is to be found on relief). A triton follows, a nymph and putto riding on his coils, holding one horn and blowing another to right. Lastly a winged putto leads a sea-horse on which rides a nymph among its coils

Content (object)



height (actual size): 274mm
width (actual size): 417mm


In Pal. St Croce written on front

Materials & techniques note

red chalk and pencil on paper



Unknown (Artist)



History and association

Previous ownership


• Kahler (H.Kahler Seethiasos und Census. Die Reliefs aus dem Palazzo Santa Croce in Rom (Monumenta Artis Romanae VI) Berlin 1966)
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