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Rectangular base decorated with figures of divinities in relief

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assigned by cataloguer


Palazzo del Marchese de' Cavalieri
Bm.4 89,90,91,92 are catalogued as one being drawings of the same base
Fa 3 no. 8 (formerly Fa 2 no.8)

Other number

Fa 3 no. 8


Content (description)

The base is decorated on three sides with reliefs, each showing three divinities, all moving right and all wearing archaistic drapery.
90. shows whole base, with mouldings above and below the relief panel, on which are shown, from left, Ceres with her head covered and carrying a staff, corn and poppies, Neptune with a garland and trident, and a goddess with her head covered, holding a fold of drapery and a staff in the other hand.
89. gives a detail of these figures.
91. shows the figures of another panel. From left Jupiter with his thunderbolt, garland and sceptre topped with an eagle, and two goddesses, both carrying staffs, the one in centre with her head covered and holding a fold of the drapery of the figure who precedes her.
92. shows the figures of the third side. On left stands Venus in seductive pose, one breast bared, then Hermes wearing a cloak, with wings at his heels and carrying his caduceus. The last figure wears a cuirass and boots, is crowned and carries a thyrsus - probably Dionysus victorious.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 385mm
width (actual size): 371mm


In aedibus de Cavallieris written on the front of drawing

Materials & techniques note

Grey and brown wash with white highlights on brown-washed paper



Unknown (Artist)



History and association

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image 146592
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