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Funerary Urn

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Bm 6. 27 and Bm 6. 28 are catalogued together as the two drawings of the same urn.


Content (description)

Octagonal urn, shown in plan on far left, decorated in relief with a winged putto on seven faces beneath branches of laurel, ivy and vine, which are hung behind bearded and long-haired masks. From the left the putti are as follows: the first plays the double flute, the next wears a himation and floral garlands round his head and neck and carries a small casket; the third, who is nude, holds an enormous torch or thyrsus, while the next, also nude, dances with a drapery over his left arm, and holding a burning torch in his right hand; the fifth dances in a billowing cloak, the sixth plays a lyre and the last plays a flute as he leans against a pillar on the right. On the eighth face is the inscription: DIIS MANIB/ D. LUCILIO FELICI/ D. LUCILIUS SOTERI/ PATRONO B M/ F and beneath it a second inscription: CANULEIIE SATU/ RNINE T CANULIEUo/ ATIMETUS LIBERTE SUE/ ARAM POSUIT LIBES/ ANIMO SIBI ET SUIS

Content (object)


Content (note)

Bm 6. 27 and Bm 6. 28 are catalogued together as the different parts of the same urn.


height (actual size): 485mm
width (actual size): 757mm


Ciferri Palazzo Albani Urna ottangolare written in ink on the back

Inscription description

Palazzo Albani written in pencil on the front lower left
Also there is a plan of the urn and a scale for the height and the different faces of the urn are numbered 1,2,3,4

Materials & techniques note

red chalk on paper





History and association

Previous ownership


• Fuhrer (no.1252)
• Altmann (110 fig. 90)
image 146832
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