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Reliefs: decoration of base (?): the twelve Olympian gods

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assigned by cataloguer


Bm 6 31,32,33,34 are catalogued together as thought to be the decoration of the same base.


Content (description)

Each drawing shows three divinities, archaistic figures in procession.
31: Diana, draped, and holding out a bow in her left hand, Apollo with his lyre, nude but with a drape flying from his left shoulder, and Hercules, wearing his lionskin and carrying a bow and club, all move to right.
32: on left a goddess holding out a thyrsus (?) moves left. The other two figures, Venus holding a flower in the centre and on right Mars, armed and carrying a helmet and shield both move to right.
33: nude Vulcan carrying a double-headed axe, Neptune holding a dolphin in his left hand, his trident in his right and a drape over his right shoulder, and Mercury, nude, holding the caduceus and dragging a goat by the horns, all move to left.
34: all these figures move right, Jupiter leads the procession, draped and holding a thunderbolt and sceptre. Juno, draped and with her head covered, follows, and then Athena, wearing the aegis over her garments and carrying a helmet and spear.

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Content (note)

Reliefs forming the decoration of the base of a vase in the Palazzo Albani


height (actual size): 371mm
width (actual size): 482mm


Ciferri Basi tondi di detto vaso in Palazzo Albani no. 2 written in ink on the back

Inscription description

Palazzo Albani written in pencil on the front of the drawing lower left.
II written in pencil below drawing

Materials & techniques note

red chalk on paper





History and association

Previous ownership


• Fuhrer (no.1244)
image 146840
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