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Object type



Sarcophagus: bacchic revels

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Was Fa 2 no. 46
Bm 7 16,17,18,19 are catalogued together as all being drawings of the same sarcophagus.

Other number

Fa 3 no. 46 (Palazzo)


Content (description)

16 and 17: front. On left Panesse and a herm of Pan in front of a curtain hung between two trees. Next, Pan emerges from a building, to which an enclosure is attached on right. A palm tree is visible beyond it. A maenad or Panesse reclines on a skin-covered couch in the foreground, by an altar on which leans a flaming torch. In the centre drunken bearded Dionysus is supported by two satyrs and followed by another carrying a torch. A curtain hangs in the background. Two maenads on right, one carrying a thyrsus and cista, the other clashing cymbals, move into the background. A child with a torch stands at the foot of a tree, from which a curtain hangs to right. Over it peeps a bearded male holding a torch and a pedum at the antics of a Pan and Panesse in front of a Pan herm.
18: right end. Two satyrs, each carrying a torch, one bearded, one wearing a skin loin cloth, carry an infant in a vannus. In the background a curtain hangs from two trees, one at each edge of the relief.
19: left end. On right a maenad with a drape around her legs tends the fire which burns on an altar at the foot of a Pan herm on a pedestal. A satyr fastens a curtain to a tree on left; its other end is already attached to a tree on right.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 486mm
width (actual size): 381mm


Ciferri Palazzo Farnese no. 46 written in ink on the back of the drawing.

Inscription description

D. no. 46 written in pencil on the front of the drawing lower left.
a written in pencil on the front of the drawing lower right.

Materials & techniques note

red chalk on paper





History and association

Previous ownership


• Matz (III no. 176)
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