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Sarcophagus(?): life and apotheosis of child (?)

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assigned by cataloguer


Bm 8. 38, 39, 40 are catalogued together being drawings of the same sarcophagus


Content (description)

38: on left the child stands on a footstool at the knee of a seated draped female, supported by a nurse who bends over him. In the background stands a pillar, surmounted by the hind legs of an animal. A curtain is draped in the background. On right four draped females stand in a row, watching; their leader turns towards them and points upwards. Two of them carry rolls, the fourth holds a rod and points to right.
39: By the foot of the fourth female is a wheel, which rests against the stool of a female who sits nursing the child on her lap. A woman in the background looks right to where the child, now older, stands, wearing the toga and holding a roll; a nude youth on left leans on his shoulder. They both look right to a bearded old male, who sits on the back of a chariot drawn to right by a horse. A bearded old male stands in the background and gestures as the boy is carried away on the back of an eagle. There is a large bearded head with gaping mouth in the background.
40: beneath the horse far right reclines a half-draped female wearing a garland. A youth holding his cloak over his left arm strides to right, turning his back to the viewer as he turns to look to left; he is cut by the border.

Content (object)


Content (note)

Villa Pamfilia


height (actual size): 417mm
width (actual size): 279mm


Campiglia Villa Pamfilia nella facciata o sia testata a levante written in ink on the back of the drawing

Inscription description

A3 written in pencil on the front of the drawing top right
B4 written in ink on the front of the drawing lower left, truncated

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper




History and association

Previous ownership


• Rossi
image 147086
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