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Relief made up of various fragments

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assigned by cataloguer


Bm 8. 47,48,49 and 50 are catalogued together being drawings of the same relief


Content (description)

47 and 48: Amazonomachy. On far left stand two draped males and an Amazon, who lifts her shield on right arm in defence against an Amazon who rides to right with her weapon raised. Beneath her galloping horse on the ground are a man and a horse. Then a nude soldier drags a wounded Amazon from her horse, which gallops right, and another Amazon gallops up behind to attack him. On the ground are an Amazon, a soldier and a horse. In the centre of these two sheets, a soldier strides across the horse on the ground and supports a fainting Amazon. Just to right are traces of a female sitting on a rock. An Amazon gallops right brandishing her weapon, but a soldier catches her horse by the head. With his other hand he presses an enemy to the ground. Beneath the galloping horse are an Amazon and a soldier on a fallen horse. In the background a man on horseback moves left. On right a female wearing a short tunic holds a trophy on her shoulder; a second trophy stands on the ground on right by her feet.
49: at the junction of sheets 48 and 49 is a dextrarum iunctio, very similiar to that in Bm 8. 26. On the ground on right by the woman stands a cuirass from behind which a youth rides to right. Then a nude youth defends himself against an almost-nude female, who stands on a large rock. In the background stands a pedestal decorated with leaves. On right a nude soldier strides to right, where an armed soldier kneels on the ground with his back to the viewer. In the background are two more soldiers, in front of a building with an arched entrance.
50: the funeral procession of Meleager. Three men carry the body to right accompanied by a man on horseback and followed by Atalanta in a biga. In the background on left are four figures, one weeping, and on right a female gestures in grief as the body is carried past. In the background hangs a curtain, in front of which is fixed an oval tablet on a pole, decorated faintly with figures.

Content (object)


Content (note)

Relief fragments Villa Pamfilia


height (actual size): 394mm
width (actual size): 573mm


Campiglia Villa Pamfilia. Facciata a mezzogiorno dalla parte verso ponente written in ink on the back of the drawing
A2 written in ink on the front of the drawing lower left, truncated
3.1B written in ink on the front of the drawing lower right, truncated

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper




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Previous ownership


• Rossi (III.2 no. 283)
image 147093
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