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Sarcophagus: Hippolytus

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assigned by cataloguer


Bm 8. 51, 52 and 53 are catalogued together being drawings of the same sarcophagus


Content (description)

On left Phaedra sits on her throne, accompanied by two attendants, one of whom leans on the back of the throne. A winged putto leans on Phaedra's knee, while Cupid and Psyche embrace by the side of the throne, an over-turned urn at their side. A nurse leans forward from the side of Phaedra towards Hippolytus, who stands half-nude and holding a rod, with an old man on his right. Virtus, wearing a short tunic and carrying a shield, leads a horse from behind Hippolytus to right; a hound sits between her feet, another runs to right with a huntsman. On right is the hunt scene. Hippolytus and a huntsman gallop together to right. Hippolytus aims his weapon at the boar, which leaps from between two tree trunks on right over the carcass of a deer and strikes a hound with its forepaw. Virtus stands by Hippolytus' horse, a running hound by her feet. A wounded huntsman and a fallen horse are on the ground in the foreground beneath the hooves of the galloping horses. A huntsman on right behind the boar raises his club over his head to strike.

Content (object)


Content (note)

Villa Pamfilia


height (actual size): 405mm
width (actual size): 553mm


Campiglia Villa Pamfilia, a fianco del Palazzo verso ponente in muro contiguo al Palazzo
C written in pencil on the front of the drawing, lower left
A2 written in ink on the front of the drawing, lower left, truncated
3B written in ink on the front of the drawing, lower right.truncated

Inscription description

Written in the album in which the drawings are held:
no. 51 1 A 2
no. 52/53 3 B 4

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper




History and association

Previous ownership


• Rossi (III. 244.3)
• RR (III.2 no. 166)
image 147100
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