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Sarcophagus lid: symposium

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assigned by cataloguer


Bm 8. 78,79,80 are catalogued together being drawings of the same sarcophagus lid


Content (description)

The figures recline on skin-covered couches in front of curtains which hang across the background. On far left a female sits playing the lyre to a bearded male and female, who both gesture to her: he holds a large cup, she a twisted garland. A putto reaches up to her from the ground, a second on right drinks from a jug. A youth, partly hidden by the female, stretches down to a putto who kneels on the ground on right. An old bearded satyr, lying on his belly, raises his cup to a female on right , who stretches her hand to his head. Next a satyr lies on his back and holds a putto in the air, while a half-draped female holds up a bunch of grapes for him. Three kraters stand in a row on the ground. Next a half-draped youth proffers a krater to a putto standing in the background, while a satyr reclining on right holds out his cup to be refilled. A putto sits on the ground pointing to a female seated far right on a stool playing the double pipes.

Content (object)


Content (note)

Villa Pamfilia


height (actual size): 409mm
width (actual size): 547mm


Campiglia Villa Pamfilia. Urna in faccia al teatro: cosi chiamano la piazza del giardino con intorno le fontane written in ink on the back of the drawing

Inscription description

B5 written in pencil on the front of the drawing lower left
1 A written in ink on the front of the drawing lower right, truncated
In the album in which the drawings are held is written:
No. 78 1 A 2
No. 79/No. 80 3 B 4

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil on paper




History and association

Previous ownership


• Rossi (III ; 242.2)
• RR
image 147133
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