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Historical relief: suovetaurilia

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[Beneath the drawing in capitals in reverse] Solitauriliorum sacrifidorum que lustro peracto verris arietis ac tauri quod integri solidique corporis sint immolatione censores urbem/lustrantes omnibus centuriis et equitibus in Campum Martium convocatis sollemni more faciebant ex antiqua marmorea tabella Romae/parieti cuidam in Marci fixa illustris effigies
Not only the inscription but also the drawing is in reverse. Bm 9. No. 29 shows the same relief correctly, and a full description is given there. The fact that this drawing is in reverse suggests that it was preparatory to an engraving. In 1553 Lafreri published an engraving of the relief with the same inscription, which can be seen at Bn. 12. 66, and later engravers made copies of it, but this drawing has no indication of artist or date. The history of the piece is complex. Lafreri's engraving proves that in 1553 the relief was in the Palazzo S. Marco in Rome, as is also stated here. By 1719 it had been moved to Venice, whence it was removed in 1797 to the Louvre.

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See Description and Bm 9.29


height (actual size): 321mm
width (actual size): 457mm

Dimension note

Written in the catalogue in ink 'squeeze' ???

Materials & techniques note

red pencil on paper



Unknown (Artist)



History and association

Previous ownership


• Mon Piot (17 1909 190 f)
• Louvre (Ma 1096)
image 147164
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