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Relief decoration of vase

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assigned by cataloguer


Bm 9. 21-24 are catalogued together being drawings of the same vase
Added in to catalogue in pencil:
Ottob Cat 3109 f/ 126 (Ghezzi Cat 44) XXVIII XXIX Dresden


Content (description)

21: ithyphallic Pan, carrying pipes, follows a maenad who dances to right, her drapery billowing. She plays the tympanum and looks back over her shoulder at him. There is a tiger by her feet.
22: Pan, with a skin flying over his back, bends over a maenad who lies asleep, resting on an overturned vase with drapery over her legs. A leafy tree branch spreads above from right with a drape or skin hanging from it.
23: a bearded nude satyr, who carries a bunch of grapes and wears a wreath, and a maenad with billowing drapery dance to right, an arm round each other's shoulders and looking back to left.
24: on right an infant Pan rides a ram to right, at the foot of an ithyphallic Pan herm. By the herm on left is a large round altar, decorated in relief with two satyrs supporting drunken Silenus. A tall basket stands on the altar among the offerings; an amphora stands on left in the foreground. In the background a swag of drapery hangs from a tree.
The rest of the vase is sketched in roughly around the reliefs on each drawing.

Content (object)


Content (note)

Reliefs on vase known as the Giustiniani krater.


height (actual size): 276mm
width (actual size): 204mm


vas in aed. Giustinianei written in ink on the front of each drawing lower right.

vaso sepolcrale della Villa Giustiniana nel Celio written in ink on the back of the drawing

Materials & techniques note

red pencil on paper



Unknown (Artist)



History and association

Previous ownership


• Guerrini (no. 44 pl. 29)
image 147170
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