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Five Egyptian figures on a doubled sheet

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Content (description)

Recto. a) A small delicate animal with cloven hooves, pointed ears and horns, standing to right.
b) a nude male seated (though without a seat) holds a hieroglyphic tablet on his knees. (Added in Sampson catalogue:' an offering table, the cartouche of Nectanebo I may appear in the incompletely copied offering -formula on the table')
He wears a collar and skull cap. His feet rest on a small square platform with a pole(?) beneath.
c) A cat seated to left, with a (added in Sampson catalogue: 'suspension') ring or crescent moon on its back. Now amended to ' Amulet in the form of a cat (Baster?)'
d) A nude male sits cross-legged on the ground, holding a cornucopia in his left hand, his right hand to his mouth. On his head is a fat crescent moon ( Added in the Sampson catalogue: 'Harpocrates')
e) A female, wearing a skirt, sits ( but without a seat) and holds a nude child on her lap, supporting his head with her left hand and holding her right hand to her breasts. On her head is a tall crescent moon. The child wears a tall conical headdress. Her feet rest on a small platform as b) Added in Sampson catalogue: ' Isis lactans.'

Content (object)


Content (note)

Egyptian figures


height (actual size): 222mm
width (actual size): 169 (double)mm


2 written on the front of the drawing
3 and 6 written inside the drawing

Materials & techniques note

ink and grey wash on paper



Unknown (Artist)



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Previous ownership

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