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The broad outer border consists of a plain brown band, a band of blue meander with a panel of cable in the centre of each side, and lastly a band of cable pattern. The inner space is divided into two equal squares, which are separated by a panel of lunettes framed in bands of cable and triangles; this panel is also repeated at the other side of the South square. Within this square is a circle, with a bird in each spandrel. In the circle is a band of cable and then a broad band of floral scroll, which rises from a bearded head on North. At the centre, framed by bands of cable, running triangle and meander, is a representation of Dionysus with a thyrsus and vase riding on the back of a tiger over fishes. The North square has an outer band of swasticas, within which is inscribed a circle, with kraters and hearts in alternate spandrels. Within the circle, which is of chain pattern, is another square, with floral scrolls in the arcs so formed. At the centre of the square is a guilloche mat. A and B marked along bottom as indicators of its discovery (see Inscription)
This is the same mosaic as Bm 9.75 Although the overall effect is more pleasing than Bm 9.75, the details are much less accurate and the colours less true.

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Mosaic floor at Stonesfield.


height (actual size): 538mm
width (actual size): 739mm


AN EXACT DELINEATION OF THE PAVEMENT IN MOSAICK-WORK lately discoverd at Stunsfield nere Woodstock by an Husbandman whose plough hitt first against an Urn whereupon he had a Curiosity to digg and found the said Pavement three foot under ground in the manner as is here Expressed, and where a mark of the Crevie is, A, his Ax Struck into a Cavity, which leaves room to Conjecture it is vaulted the length of the same is 36 foot and the Breadth 25. This work is composed of several small stones about the bignes of a Dye of different colours which artificially placed apeareth very Beautifull, the outletts B at the sides are form'd with large tiles the meaning of which is to be decided by the Learned and the Simbolical Ornaments of Concord and mirth giveth occasion to think that it was a place used for Banquets. This peice of Antiquity is to be Esteem'd the most Considerable that ever was found in Brittain of the Antient Romans.
Written across the top of the front of the Engraving.

Materials & techniques note

Engraving with body colour and watercolour on paper



Unknown (Artist)



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• Rainey (At Stonesfield: Rainey 145 Stonesfield a. See nos Bm 9. 75 and 83)
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