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Krater with relief decoration

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assigned by cataloguer


See Bn 10. 50 for the whole vase and for the rest of the scene
Added in pencil in Sampson catalogue: 'w/m v. clear'


Content (description)

Bn 10. 50 shows the vase, a large kalix krater with a high foot, standing on a base, on which is an illegible inscrioption, and, on right, a detail of three figures from the relief decoration. The other figures are shown in Bn. 10. 49. In the main scene a half-draped female sits at the foot of a pedestal, on which stands the statue of a draped female holding a bow; both female and statue face right. On right are four figures: a half-draped warrior with a tall plumed helmet stands looking at the statue and points to himself; next a bearded draped warrior stands with his right foot raised on a pedestal and leans his elbow on his knee, holding a spear and looking to left; third is a draped bearded man with his head covered, who stands leaning on his spear and points left; the fourth man is nude and bearded, and stands to right with his legs crossed, his hand clenched behind his back.
Bn 10. 50: On left of centre are three youths facing right: a nude helmetted warrior, with his left foot raised on a round pedestal and leaning on a spear; next a youth wearing a cloak moves right and looks at the spectator; on far left a draped youth stands and leans on a staff.

Content (object)


Content (note)

The same relief as Bn. 10. 50


height (actual size): 222mm
width (actual size): 417mm

Materials & techniques note

black lead pencil and white on blue paper



Unknown (Artist)



History and association

Previous ownership


• Mansuelli (I no. 180 inv. 307 Now in the Uffizi)
image 148273
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