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Letter to the Rt. Hon. Lord Vere Beauclerke from Tripoli

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Bn 10. 64-67 are all related being the drawings, and correspondence (Bn 10. 65) concerning the Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Tripoli


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A letter to the Right Honourable Lord Vere Beauclerke from Tripoli:
Right Honourable Tripoly ye 12 June 1726/
with great pleasure I received yo.r Lordships favours with Mahon under ye 20 February last, ye former never arrived mee, which if had come I should, with all alacrity, comeplyed with yor Lordships command long before this. My Lord, as to ye Triumphall Arch I have gott it done in ye best maner possible I could, here not being any artishiner (?), that can draw it to perfection, tho this is an exact figure of ye South Side, its an exact squair, each side being 22 foot, adn 50 foot high; open at top. Built of prodigious great marable stones, one laid upon ye other with out any Lime or Mortar its extreamely defaced by time, and is halfe buryed in ye sands. The stones are held together with great iron barrs passing thro (?) them. The 4 arches answer to ye 4 quarters of teh ye world, each arch being 10 foot wide.
The plaint yor Lordship desires, am sorry to tell you, that its not to be found in these parts, Silphium, is a Greek appellation for this plant, they tell me its found in ye isle of Candia & in ye parts of Libia & old Cirena, in ye Waests (?) of them parts bordering upon Egypt by ye Arabs called assa. I wasse verry desireous to aserved your Lordship in this, which oblidge mee to make else (?) much enquiry about it, its allsoe reported to be found in Mercillia in Provence. Thus wishing yor Lordship Long Life & Felicity, with all due respects, I am, My Lord,/Your Lordships/obedient humble/Servant to Command/ B. Lodington

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height (actual size): 223mm
width (actual size): 166mm

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pen and black ink on paper



Lodington (Creator)



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Previous ownership


• Baumeister (p.1889 fig. 1991)
• EAA (sv. Tripoli fig. 1114)
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