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Krater with snake handles and Bacchic thiasos

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The volume Bn 11, entitled Vase antiche, is devoted entirely to vases, some antique, but mostly fanciful products after the antique. A large number of the engravings have the initials AE. V and the representation of fanciful vases fall into three groups, distinguished by the inscriptions (a) sic Romae antiqui sculptores ex aere et marmore faciebant,
(b) ex Romanis antiquitatibus,
(c) Romae ab antiquo repertum
As Bn. 11. no. 10 in reverse


Content (description)

The krater stands on a low foot. Convex flutes rise from the base around its belly and above them runs a frieze, which seems to show a Bacchic revel. Two females are shown, and a bearded male in a tunic offering a jug to a putto. Above the frieze is a band of cable and on the shoulder there are convex flutes. Ivy tendrils intertwine on the neck. On the shoulder two pairs of swan-headed snakes contort themselves, resting their heads on the lip and raising their tails, and so form the handles.
Beneath the krater: 1530 AV in a cartouche

Content (object)


Content (note)

See Bn. 11. 10: same object in reverse


height (actual size): 199mm
width (actual size): 171mm

Materials & techniques note

copper engraving on paper




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