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Rostrate column and Meta Sudans

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The volume Bn 12 is described in Fa 4 as : 'Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae in loose sheets being points of ye most famous remains of buildings, amphitheatres, temples, columns, triumphal arches, mausoleums and statues in Rome - engraved by Lafrerius, Barlachus, Aen. Vicus and others'


Content (description)

On left stands a column on a tall square base; prows project from it in three tiers and a standing statue of a cuirassed male surmounts it. On the base is an inscription to be found in ILS no. 65 adn CIL I 195, VI 1300; the text differs occasionally and the attempts to fill the gaps are very different from the modern versions.
The Meta Sudans is shown on the right, in restored condition, just as the rostrate column. Water flows from a sphere at the top into a basin on a round base. Round the base in which are basins; into these water falls from urns and wine skins held by crouching figures.
In panel on top left corner: C. Duilius Consul, primus Romanorum,/ Poenis classe devictis de navali victo/ria triumphum egit. Ob eam rem ei/ in foro Rom: posita fuisse statuam ex/ S C una cum columna rostrata varii auctores prodidere. Eius columna(e) stylobata (m) sup(er)ioribus annis ex Capitolinus ruderibus versus foru(m) ege/stam; nunc autem in Capitolium translatam, in gratia(m) antiquitatis stu/diosor. ea quae restituta est forma cum inscriptione ipsa typis mandavim.
In panel on top right corner: Metae sudantis, preterquam quod in/ numismatibus aliquot Vespasiani, Titi/ et Domitiani Imppp. percussa cernitur, / vestigia apud amphitheatru Titi exta(n)t/ fons fuit sic ductus (?) ex eo manare(n)t/ aqua commoditati populi, ad ludos et/ spectacula qu(a)e in amphiteatro edeba(n)tur, accedentis.
Engraved on the base of teh Meta Sudans: Excudebat Antonius Lafreri Roma MDLXXV

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height (actual size): 488mm
width (actual size): 335mm

Materials & techniques note

copper engraving on paper





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Previous ownership


• ILS (no. 65)
• CIL (I 195, VI 1300)
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