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Mithraic relief

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The volume Bn 12 is described in Fa 4 as : 'Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae in loose sheets being points of ye most famous remains of buildings, amphitheatres, temples, columns, triumphal arches, mausoleums and statues in Rome - engraved by Lafrerius, Barlachus, Aen. Vicus and others'


Content (description)

The main panel of the relief shows Mithras slaying the bull. On left are two small panels one above the other, in which are Cautes and Cautopates. Across the top is a third panel, in which the Sun and Moon drive in chariots and flank a row of burning altars, two figures each held in the coils of a snake, and a figure in the centre winged. Beneath the legend which is in a framed panel beneath the relief is a lettered key to all the figures and objects in the relief.
The legend: Hac vetusta marmorea tabula, quae Romae in aedibus Octaviani Zeno prope theatrum Pompeii et campum Florae extat, hisce signis ornata, veteres rerum naturalium periti optimi agricolae munus significare voluerunt. Qui assiduo labore, die noctuque, tribus solis, quattuor lunae stationibus, et naturali utriusque sideris cursu observantis, fortitudine, providentia, fide et diligentia, terram fatigando rem agrariam tracta. et proinde carum frugum quae lucis et tenebrarum tempore creantur, oriuntur, excolunturque uberrimum pioventum fert.
Beneath the lettered key is: Antonii Lafrerii Sequani formeis Anno MDLXIIII

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height (actual size): 458mm
width (actual size): 313mm


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copper engraving on paper





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