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Vault decoration of arch at Reims

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Three sheets are combined, each showing the decoration of one of the three passageways. There are explanatory notes beneath each passage.
Voute de l'arcade de Leda: In this side passage is a square panel showing Leda and the swan. Around this is a wide border of coffering, which in turn is set in a border of arms and armour in disarray, with a winged figure working on a shield at each corner.
Voute de l'Arcade des Saisons:
In the centre of this, the central passage, is a large square panel in which concentric circles of meander and palmettes surround an inner square panel. In this panel an almost-nude figure sits with two cornucopiae, surrounded by two seated putti and two standing figures representing Seasons. Round the large square panel is a border divided into several scenes, which probably illustrate the farmer's year. Beneath these scenes on the lower part of the vault are two long panels in which putti rise from leaves and hold garlands on which swans perch; birds peck at fruit suspended in a drape beneath.
Voute de l'Arcade de Romulus:
This side passage has the same decorative scheme as the other, with the she-wolf, the twins and the shepherds represented in the central panel.
Inscrbed on lower left corner: Ie. Colin fecit Remis

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Content (note)

Decoration of the vault of the arch


height (actual size): 226mm
width (actual size): 251mm
height (actual size): 225mm
width (actual size): 327mm
height (actual size): 235mm
width (actual size): 246mm


Materials & techniques note

copper engraving on paper



Unknown (Engraver)

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