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Twelve details of figure groups

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Written in Sampson catalogue:
For these details, as in 10-12 see Bq 3. 21: Camei Triumphi, Ornamenta, Animalia, aliaque


Content (description)

Twelve details of figure groups:
1. Youth rides sea-goat
2. Daedalus works on a wing
3. A bearded nude male sits on a skin with a drape round his lower right leg: perhaps Philoctetes.
4. A shepherd sits to right with a dog at his knee.
5. Pan leads a goat to left. The infant Dionysus rides on its back.
6. Head of bearded satyr
7. A half-draped maenad with a thyrsus and a nude satyr with a pedum stand on left, a vase on the ground between them. A draped female sits on rocks right.
8. A draped female on right sacrifices a bird on a blazing altar while a half-draped old man plays the double pipes and a youth fixes a drape (?) to a tree behind a pillar in the centre.
9. The discovery of Ariadne. She reclines on left. Pan and a satyr stand by her and point to her, while Silenus supports Dionysus on left.
10. Head of female in profile to right.
11. On left Apollo embraces Daphne as she turns into a tree. In the centre are four Bacchic revellers. A female looks on from right. On far right are two deformed old women, one of them seated on a globe with a rudder and a small Pan.
12. On left a shepherd, wearing a conical cap, sits leaning on his staff. A youth stands in the background, while a bearded man fills a bowl from a wineskin. On right a youth wearing a helmet kills a ram. A nude youth sits on a rock holding the animal by its hind legs.

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Fragments of reliefs


height (actual size): 308mm
width (actual size): 438mm


On the front of the engraving, written in ink lower right, in tiny figures: 10
On the back of the engraving, written in ink: e speculo Rom. Magnif

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copper engraving on paper



Unknown (Engraver)



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