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Thirteen details of figure groups

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Written in Sampson catalogue:
For these details, as in 10-12 see Bq 3. 21: Camei Triumphi, Ornamenta, Animalia, aliaque


Content (description)

Thirteen details of figure groups:
1. Hercules and Cerberus (=Bn 13. 19)
2. A nude youth holding a blazing torch stands with his back to the viewer by a blazing altar and the statue of a putto on a pedestal.
3. A nude youth holding a blazing torch downwards, with a drape hanging from his arms, steps to right in front of a doorway. On left there is a tall vase on a pedestal.
4. A nude youth stands holding a scorpion in his right hand. In his left hand he raises a jug so that liquid cascades to the ground from it.
5. A seated female with boar and snake (=Bn 13. 20)
6. Two dolphins move to left and right through waves, one above the other. On the upper one sits a putto and two putti rise from the waves around him.
7. A youth, with a lionskin draped over his left shoulder, steps to right playing a lyre.
8. A half-draped female holding a shield rides to left on the back of a Triton. In the waves on left are a dolphin and a boy.
9. A draped youth rides a prancing horse to left.
10. Bellerophon and Pegasus (= Bn 13. 18)
11. A half-draped female holding a thyrsus sits on a rock on right and watches as two putti tie up a half-draped female captive, who sits at the foot of a tree in front of shields.
12. A half-draped figure bends forward towards an altar on right, at which a bearded male stands holding a jug. A putto plays the double pipes on left.
13. On right a youth slits the throat of a sheep. A draped female bends to catch the blood. On left a bearded male plays the double pipes.

Content (object)


Content (note)

Fragments of reliefs


height (actual size): 311mm
width (actual size): 438mm


On the back of the engraving, written in ink: e speculo Rom. Magnif

Materials & techniques note

copper engraving on paper



Unknown (Engraver)



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