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Twelve portraits on gems

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Twelve portraits on oval gems, beneath each gem is a panel with a scale and the identification of the portrait which has been added later (in pencil??)
a. Bearded man, in profile to left. 'Pergamo Re'
b. Youth in profile to left. 'Tolomeo Apione Re'
c. Man in profile to left. 'Rumetalcie Re'
d. Bearded man in profile to left. 'Giuba Re'
e. Woman with draped head in profile to left. 'Filotide Reina'
f. Woman in profile to left. 'Sconosciuta'
g. Woman with hair coiled in plaits round head, in profile to left. 'Sconosciuta'
h. Woman with draped head, facing viewer. 'Sconosciuta'
i. Woman with plaits round head and drape at the back of her head, in profile to left. 'Sconosciuta'
j. Woman wearing broad fillets and wreath on her hair, which falls in long ringlets, in profile to left. 'Sconosciuta'
k. Youth (?) with fillet on hair, in profile to left. 'Sconosciuta'
l. Female wearing diadem and a drape at the back of her head, in profile to right. 'Sconosciuta'
Bottom left is inscribed: Ioun Dom Campiglia del.
Bottom right is inscribed: Cosmus Megalli sculp.

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height (actual size): 425mm
width (actual size): 299mm

Materials & techniques note

copper engraving on paper


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