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Nine figure scenes on gems

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Content (description)

Nine figure scenes on gems, beneath each gem is a panel in which is a scale.
a. Nude Venus leans against pedestal, holding an arrow in her right hand. In her left she holds a bow, which Cupid stretches up to take.
b. Nude Venus stands with her back to the viewer by a pedestal on left. She holds Cupid by the hand. He carries a bow. On far left is a tree.
c. Half-draped Venus sits on rock left. A tiny Cupid flies to her on right.
d. Half-draped female sits on a rock to right with a baby on her knee.
e. Nude Venus stands facing viewer. On left is a small Priapus herm.
f. Nude male and female stand with their arms round one another (Venus and Adonis?)
g. Half-draped Venus sits to left on a rock on right facing Mars on left. He wears a cloak and helmet and has a shield and spear.
h. Half-draped Venus stands on right with her foot on a globe and embraces Mars on left, who wears a cloak and helmet and has a spear.
i. Similar to g. but the attitudes are slightly different and Mars has no cloak.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 460mm
width (actual size): 322mm

Materials & techniques note

copper engraving on paper



Unknown (Engraver)



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Previous ownership

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