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Relief, mummy sarcophagus and two lions

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1. The reliefs in Ravenna showing a sacrifice and the imperial family have been combined. On left victimarii lead up a bull. Then there is a fragmentary seated female, a youth wearing a cuirass, a half-draped youth, a female with a putto on her arm and a half-draped male wearing an oak wreath. This is at top left of sheet, marked 1. Top right is a cartouche with the inscription: Franciscus Maurocenus Peleponesiasicus/expugnat Athenis/Marmorea leonum simul.ra triump.hli manu e Piraeo/ direpta in patriam transtulit futura Veneti leonis/quae fuerant Minervae Atticae ornamenta./ Atheniensia Ven. Classis trophaea Ven Senatus/ decreto in Nav vestib. Const.a AS MDCLXXXVI.
Beneath the cartouche is a scale (Ped Britan.ei) and the inscription:
N.N. 123 ex collect.ne Johan.is Talman.
2. At bottom left are shown the front and back views of an Egyptian sarcophagus. The hands are represented crossed on its chest and hold flails (?). At centre front and back are vertical panels with hieroglyphics.
3. At centre bottom is the statue of a lion, seated alertly to right on a low base. Marked 2.
At bottom right is the statue of a lion, recumbent on rocks to right on a low base. Marked 3.

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height (actual size): 282mm
width (actual size): 403mm

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copper engraving on paper




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• RM (G. Haffner RM 62 1955 160-73)
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