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Relief panels: details of Bn 3 no. 24

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In Sampson Catalogue Bn 3 23-30 are from Palazzo di Palestrina
Bn 3 28, 29, 30 are catalogued together being drawings of the different faces of the Candelabrum Bn 3 no. 24


Content (description)

The letters D, E, and F correspond to letters on no. 24, indicating the position of the reliefs.
28. D. Mars stands to left with his back to the viewer, with a cloak across his shoulder and round his left elbow. His right arm is akimbo. He holds a spear with his left hand. He wears a helmet, the plume of which is supported by a winged lion and which has a lion in relief on the side.
29. E. Athena, wearing a peplos and her aegis, steps to right on a low base, turning her back to the viewer. In her right hand she holds up a dish for a snake to drink. The snake rests on her shoulder and twines round her body. Over her long hair she wears a helmet, on which a sphinx, flanked by two wigned horses, supports the very high plume.
30. F. A draped female, perhaps Venus, stands to right on a low angular base. The ends of her himation fly out behind over her shoulder. She holds up a fold of her skirt in her right hand and in her left she holds out a lotus blossom. She wears a diadem with her hair bound in a snood behind.

Content (object)



height (actual size): 495mm
width (actual size): 377mm


Figura seconda di candelabro secondo
written in ink on the back of the drawing

Materials & techniques note

red chalk and red pencil on paper



Unknown (Artist)



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image 74571
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