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Five altars and bases

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assigned by cataloguer


The drawings are catalogued together as they are fixed to the sheet in a symmetrical arrangement and framed in red lines.


Content (description)

a. Top. Triangular base. At the bottom corners are winged animals (panthers?) and on each side is a single figure in relief.
b. Centre left. Round base with square plinth and top. There are simple mouldings and fluting at the top of the drum and a cable round the bottom. The rest of the drum is left plain, except for fleshless boukrania and garlands around the upper part.
c. Centre. Funerary altar. At the top corners are satyrs' heads. From them hangs a garland of very large fruits, over which is a jug. The upper part of the altar is treated as a panel, which is supported on the outspread wings of eagles at the bottom corners. At bottom centre is shield (?) resting on a fillet tied in a bow.
On the reverse is a 'B'
d. Centre right. Round altar on plain square pedestal. Flames are suggested on top of the altar. Bands of mouldings run round the top of the altar, a band of leaves round the bottom. On the drum garlands of leaves hang from lions' heads. Over the garland is a tondo with a mask in the centre.
e. Bottom. A very sketchy drawing of a statue standing on a triangular base. At the top corners of the base are rams' heads, at the bottom corners sphinxes, and a winged figure on the panel. On the reverse is a simple geometric outline of the profile of a cornice.

Content (object)


Content (note)

Five different altars/bases


height (actual size): 516mm
width (actual size): 411mm

Dimension note

The individual drawings measure:
a.102mm x 88 mm
b.184mm x 104mm
c. 204mm x 144mm
d.183mm x 106mm
e.107mm x 79mm


'B' written in pencil on the reverse of the centre drawing no. c.

Materials & techniques note

All pen and, ink and wash. a - brown ink, buff wash; b and d - black ink, brown wash; c and e - brown ink, grey wash, on paper



Unknown (Artist)



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image 148078
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