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Painting: A sacrifice

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer


Note: there were two Nos. Bn 5. 41, this is now Bn 5. 41a and the first, a Trojan horse, is Bn 5. 41.

Other number

Ashby ETON II No.41


Content (description)

Painting. A sacrifice: to the left a female statue under a shrine crowned by two vases: then three female figures, one raising the lid of a cysta mystica, from which a serpent is seen issuing, then a column with a statue of Athena upon it: to the right of it are two females and a boy with a pedum: to the right again two more women, one with a pedum, the other with a basket on her head; and behind these is an architectural background.

Content (object)


Content (note)


height (actual size): 289mm
width (actual size): 463mm

Dimension note

Ashby gives the dimensions as 420 x 210
The actual drawing on the page measures 210mm x 412mm


Bartoli del Palazzo di Tito written in ink on the back of the drawing
T M written in red crayon on the front of the drawing lower right

Materials & techniques note

watercolour on paper




History and association

Previous ownership


• Ashby (p. 24 Plate XI See Ashby for notes)
• Engelmann (This is an amplified version of the scene which is given in Vitt 28a, 29b, 84 (Inv.9590, 2593 - an original sketch of Bartoli, with colour notes - 9662) : the last bears the legend Pittura antica trouata in una Vigna fra S. Pietro in Vincola e S. Martin de Monti)
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