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Painting of Landscape: four classical buildings

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assigned by cataloguer

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Ashby ETON II No. 70


Content (description)

Painting of a landscape. To the left is a grove of trees, in front of which is a circular domed building with rectangular windows, and a circular disk (shown red) on top of the dome: the lower part of it is hidden by an oblong building with Ionic pilasters and niches between them, and the entrance on one of the long sides. To the right is a column with a statue of Minerva (?), with a shield and stephane, upon it, behind which a winding path leads up to a small temple, with a portico of four Doric columns in front of it: a youth stands near the column, and a woman is halfway along the path. In the centre of the foreground a male and a female figure (both draped) are seen in conversation. On the right of the path in the middle distance is a building resembling the Pantheon, with six composite columns and no pediment: on each side of it is an obelisk. In front of it on a high base is a statue of a female divinity. To the right is a small shrine, with a gable roof supported by columns, under which is a statue of Zeus with thunderbolts and sceptre, almost entirely hidden by one of the columns: a male figure is hurrying towards the shrine from the left.

Content (object)


Content (note)


height (actual size): 275mm
width (actual size): 417mm

Dimension note

Ashby gives the dimensions as 155 x 252
The painting on the page actually measures 173mm x 270mm


del Palazzo di Tito written in ink on the back of the drawing

Materials & techniques note

watercolour on paper




History and association

Previous ownership


• Ashby (p.29 Plate XIII see also Bn 5. 12, 48, 69,72)
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