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Drawing of an ancient wall elevation from the 'Baths of Constantine'

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assigned by cataloguer


Various small fragments of the wall still exist in the Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome (according to Ashby in 1914) thougth only seven of them are now exhibited. Ashby :'As M.-D observe the paintings must be earlier than the period of Constantine.'

Other number

Ashby ETON IV. 39


Content (description)

Painting of whole Wall
The drawing represents a wall punctuated by slender architectonic structures framing representations of gods encircle by scrolling foliage. Apollo in the centre. Two painted panels containing narrative scenes: the panel on the left, still preserved in Palazzo Altemps in Rome, depicts a naked hero crowning himself with the palm of victory. On the right is depicted a scene of libation with a priestess and two women.

Content (object)

mural/wall painting

Content (note)


height (actual size): 393mm
width (actual size): 502mm

Dimension note

Ashby gives the dimensions as 275 x 416
On exhibition,unable to measure


in aedibus Rospigliosi, e Balneis Constantini M Repert. 1711 written in ink on the back of the painting
No. 2 written on the back of the painting (ink or pencil? painting not available 9/1013)

Materials & techniques note

pencil, pen, watercolour and bodycolour on paper




History and association

Previous ownership


• Ashby (p.40-41 Plate XVIII)
• Engelmann (Capp 284 (Ashby has referenced each of the 13 panels separately))
• Michaelis (Holk.i and ii (Ashby has referenced each of the 13 panels separately))
• Turnbull (Turnbull gives the date 1718 and has very detailed references)
• d'Agincourt (v. PL. IV (Ashby references each part separately see Ashby p. 41))
• Cameron (41, 45, 47)
• Chats (16,26)
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