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Object number


Object type



Fresco of Roma

Title Type

assigned by cataloguer

Other number

Ashby ETON VII. 8


Content (description)

On a textured grey ground, the seated figure of Roma, draped, with winged figures on her shoulders, swans by her side. A winged statue on her right hand and a shield on the right hand side.
Beneath the statue the apocryphal legend: VIRTVS. HONOR.IMPERIVM

Content (object)

mural/wall painting

Content (note)


height (actual size): 317mm
width (actual size): 393mm

Dimension note

Ashby gives the dimensions as 261 x 280
The actual painting on the page measures 262mm x 278mm


Campiglia Palazzo Barberini n. 224 written in ink on the back of the painting

Inscription description

Ashby: 'The numbers (ie No. 138) refer to an inventory lettered outside Palazzi di Roma, with the following title: Bassirilievi, Pitture Antiche, Gruppi, Statue, Busti, Vasi, Are, etc., in Diversi Palazzi di Roma. It forms an index to the great series of drawings of sculpture which Topham not only ordered to be made (cf. Lanciani, BUll. Com 1894, 165, who however did not see this volume) but is a complet inventory of the contents of the various collections, including the pieces which Topham did not feel it worthwhile to have copied; and it is thus a document of capital importance for the condition of these collections in the early eighteenth century. I hope before long to publish it in its entirety'

Materials & techniques note

watercolour on paper




History and association

Previous ownership


• Ashby (p.62)
• Lanciani (Bull. Com. 1894, 182)
• Turnbull (I. and Pl. A)
• Michaelis (122 and Nett. 147 (Inv. 11390))
• Matz-Duhn (4111)
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