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A new map of ye isthmus of Darien in America, the Bay of Panama, the Gulf of Vallona or St. Michael, with its islands and countries adjacent.[and] a draft of the golden and adjacent islands with part of ye isthmus of Darien...


Early outline colour
A critical phase in the history of Scotland and the United Kingdom. Of the two maps on the sheet the upper one records the site of the ill-fated Scottish colony of New Edinburgh, the lower one shows more of the region in relation to the Isthmus of Darien or Panama. In 1698 the then Scottish Governor and founder of the Bank of England, William Paterson, proposed to the Scottish a plan to colonise the strategic location of Panama. The Company of Scotland was formed modeled on the English equivalents south of the border. Such was the excitement at the project that fully a third of the Gross National Product of Scotland was raised. The colony did not last long. Intended to galvanise a struggling economy it ended up doing the exact opposite. Not only did it bankrupt the nation but it forced Scotland to sign the Act of Union in 1707 creating the United Kingdom. This Act was devised by no less than Paterson, the Governor of the Bank of England, who agreed that the Bank would write off the Scottish liabilities from the scheme.


Content (place)

South America
Central America


height (actual size): 605mm
width (actual size): 490mm


Written in red pencil on the back: 102 Isthmus of Darien
Written in ink on the back: 120

Materials & techniques note

Line engraving





1699 - [c.1710]

History and association

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• Kapp (The Early Maps of Panama no. 27)
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