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Roger Lupton, LL.D., Provost, Canon of Windsor, 1540

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'[Lupton's] Chapel contains...on the floor the brasses of: Roger Lupton, Provost of Eton and Canon of Windsor, c. 1536: the inscription is lost... Provost Lupton is represented on his brass wearing the mantle of the Garter with the cross of St. George on the shoulder, whch was then worn by the Canons of Windsor. A label proceeds from his breast and encircles his head, bearing these words: 'Misereve mei deus secundum maguam misericordiam tuam.' Beneath is his coat of arms, wrongly restored '
[An Illustrated Guide to Eton College / Eton Guide, R. A. Austen-Leigh, 1930, p.70-71, illustrated p.72]
[An Illustrated Guide to Eton College / Eton Guide, R. A. Austen-Leigh, 1930, p.70]

A report on the completion of the 1905 Boer War Memorial project, which involved redesigning the east end of College Chapel, included:
"The fine brass of Provost Lupton has been cleaned and relaid in his Chantry in the original matrix of Purbeck stone." [From manuscript ref: MISC/EMF/10]


Content (description)

Effigy and shield of arms. Priest: he wears a body-garment visible at wrists, cassock with fur lining, not quite covering the feet, and mantle of the Order of the Garter, with a St. George's Cross on the left shoulder; the mantle is fastened by a button with a quatrefoil ornament; from his hands proceeds a scroll.


height (effigy): 943mm
width (effigy): 314mm

Dimension note

Effigy with scroll: 1120 x 345mm




History and association


• Lack, W., Stuchfield, H. Martin and Whittemore, P., The Monumental Brasses of Buckinghamshire, London: Monumental Brass Society, 1994 (p. 84, no. XI)
• Harwood, T. Eustace, The Monumental Brasses, Past and Present, in Eton College Chapel, in Oxford Journal of Monumental Brasses, Vol. II, No. 1, February 1900 (pp. 27-28)
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