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South African War memorial, 1899-1902

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A report on the completion of the 1905 Boer War Memorial project, which involved redesigning the east end of College Chapel, included:
"The plate with the names and regiments of the dead soldiers has been placed on the West wall of the Chantry [Lupton's Chapel]. Your Committee regret that there are some who are not satisfied with this arrangement. It was not recommended till after long and full consideration of all available places in Chapel and it was only decided after a formal meeting of and consultation with the Executive Committee." [From manuscript ref: MISC/EMF/10]


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Inscription on 7 pls. in cast frame with St. George and dragon in low relief



Unknown (Artist)



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• Lack, W., Stuchfield, H. Martin and Whittemore, P., The Monumental Brasses of Buckinghamshire, London: Monumental Brass Society, 1994 (p. 92, no. CCVII)
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