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Interior of College Library

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Artist John Doyle seems to have been an artist-in-residence at Eton in the 1980s. The Eton College Chronicle reported on 4 June 1986:
'This year, the Farrer Theatre [at Eton College] will host an exhibition of paintings by John Doyle on the 4th of June holiday. He has been around the college for some months now. He is a very pleasant, warm person and freely admit that he likes people to look over his shoulder at what he is doing. Having braved the winter months with a blanket wrapped round his knees to keep him warm, he is glad that the sun has arrived. A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of the paintings will be given to the 550th anniversary appeal.’
[Eton College Chronicle, 4 June 1986, No. 3934, p.18]

Other number

CL 535



height (sight size): 602mm
width (sight size): 445mm


Signed lower right: 'John Doyle'

Artists original label signed: 'John Doyle' and titled: 'College Library 4 June 1986'

Artist label: 'John Doyle RWS, Church Farm, Warehorne'

Materials & techniques note

Watercolour over pencil with touches of bodycolour

Physical description

Modern gilt frame



Doyle, John (Artist)


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