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A Visit to Eton

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16 pages, extrated from a book, with text and images describing Eton College


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Text describing the 1666 visit or Mr. Samuel Pepys to Eton College accompanied by illustrations as follows:
p.67 'Holy Water Stoup'
p.68 'The School Gate'
p.69 'Staircase to the Dining Hall'
p.70 'Weston's Yard, Eton College'
p.71 'The Hall Fireplace' and 'A Tudor Oriel'
p.72 'Interior of the Hall'
p.73 'The Staircase'
p.74 'Interior of the Chapel'
p.75 'A Picturesque Gable, Eton' and 'Corner in Weston's Yard'
p.76 'The River at Eton'
P.77 'Staircase and Passage from Quadrangle'
p.78 'Western Entrance to the Chapel'
p.79 'A Well-known Spot'
p.80 'Interior of Quadrangle' and 'Lower Playing Fields' (Lower playing fields by L. Wain)
p.81 'A Tudor Chimney'


height (actual size): 255mm
width (actual size): 176mm




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Provenance: Collection of Brian Hoare (Buildings Bursar 1982 - 2000); by whom gifted to Eton College
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