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Sir Galahad


'the most note-worthy feature of this Fourth of June was the present by Mr. Watts to the School of a copy of his "Sir Galahad," which is now hung in Chapel: we hoped to be able to give an account worthy of the gift and our gratitude, but space unfortunately forces us to hold it over to next week, when we hope also to be able to reproduce a photograph of it.'
[Eton College Chronicle, No. 764, Thursday, June 10, 1897, p.365]

'MR. WATTS'S PICTURE. To the Editor of the Eton College Chronicle.
DEAR SIR, — I have seen the too flattering notice in the Eton College Chronicle, and feel I ought to acknowledge and return thanks for the very favourable reception of my picture; and I am encouraged to hope that whatever difference of opinion there may be with respect to the merits of the work, there will not be any with respect to
my object in the painting or the presentation.
Very truly yours, G. F. WATTS.
Limnerslease, Guildford, June 19.'
[Eton College Chronicle, No. 766, Tuesday, June 22, 1897, p.376]

'OUR gayest, brightest and most crowded Fourth of June has now passed by, but it has left us richer than it found us. The excitement might give way to fatigue and the noise to weariness, but Mr. Watts's picture is come to stay and to be our own...
The picture will be returned to him in the holidays for further work. "I wish," he says, "to make it one of my very best." The present position and arrangement is but temporary; it is possible something better may be settled on, but it is permissible to express a hope that no narrow though natural scruples may remove from a consecrated building an ornament so valuable, and a lesson that is at once so very beautiful and so deeply Christian.'
[Eton College Chronicle, No. 765, Thursday, June 17, 1897, pp.369-370]

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height (sight size): 1970mm
width (sight size): 1050mm
height (frame): 2523mm
width (frame): 1609mm
depth (frame): 135mm


Label on frame, lower left: '99'

Physical description

Artist's original carved, gilded oak frame with a channelled band on a pounced ground; carved with scrolling flowering and fruiting foliage, the incised slip with conforming decoration




History and association

Object history note

Provenance: Presented to Eton College by the artist in 1897


• Eton College Chronicle ( No. 764, Thursday, June 10, 1897, p.365; No. 765, Thursday, June 17, 1897, pp.369-37; No. 766, Tuesday, June 22, 1897, p.376)
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