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Edmond Warre

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'Late Head Master of Eton College, seen at full-length, standing, in the black robes of a Doctor of Divinity, with his mortarboard cap held in one hand, and a book in the other. In the background the ancient stone buildings of Eton. A flight of steps at the left; at the right a massive pier; and at the top of the picture, in the centre, the lower part of a stained-glass window. Mr Sargent's large full-length of Rev. Edmond Warre, D.D. is dignified and impressive, and is certainly not lacking in character'

[Source: William Howe Downes, 'John S. Sargent: His Life and Work' (1925), page 223]
'At Evensong on Sunday the Head Master delivered this Memorial Address:
I am sure that it is right that I should try to give you some slight picture of the great Head Master whose name will always stand for so much in the minds of all who love Eton. At the same time I know how hard a thing I am attempting. Most of you have only seen Dr. Warre in the days of his extreme age and weakness: it is hard for you to realise that commanding presence which lives for us in Sargent's picture in the Hall which he built, or the splendid boy of eighteen—winner of the Newcastle and of the School Pulling — whose portrait by George Richmond is now in the Boys' Library — the very ideal, as he must surely have seemed, of all that a young Englishman should be.'

['In Memoriam. Edmond Warre.', Eton College Chronicle, No. 1717, Thursday, January 29, 1920, p.743]

I.D. label on frame
D.D, C.B., M.V.O.
Head Master (1884-1905)
Provost (1909-1918)


Content (person)


height (sight size): 2380mm
width (sight size): 1468mm
height (frame): 2668mm
width (frame): 1742mm


Signed 'John S. Sargent', dated '1906'

Physical description

Carved gilt frame with detail of fruit and foliage




History and association

Associated object

FDA-D.61-2010 (sketch)

Object history note

Provenance: Commissioned by subscription and presented to Eton College in 1906

Exhibited: New Gallery, London, 1907, catalogue number 211; Royal Academy, London, 1926, catalogue number 562

See Coll Archive COLL/P4/16/1 and 2


• Downes,W. H., John S. Sargent: His Life and Work, London, 1926 (p.223)
• McConnell, ed., Treasures of Eton, London, 1976 (p.89)
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