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William Evans Sketchbook


Sketchbook containing sketches of views including Droxford (2); Windmills from East Cliff; Castle Cliff (2); Cottages from cliff (3); Battle Abbey; Hastings; Hastings from East Cliff (2); Fishing boats at anchor; Castle NE; Hastings, low water; and Sands. 42 leaves, numbered in pencil with page numbers top right corner

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Content (note)

39 drawings on 37 pages of the album. The majority of sketches in pencil, one in brown wash, one pen and grey ink, brown and grey wash, one with white heightening, one on seized paper, ten on brown paper
p. 1 flyleaf, inscribed 'A Sketch book of William Evans'
pp. 2-30 landscape studies (p. 24, 25, 26 predominantly figures)
p. 31 blank
pp. 31 verso-32 landscape study
p. 33 blank
p. 34 landscape study
p. 35 blank
pp. 36-37 landscape studies
pp. 38-40 figure studies
p. 40 verso landscape study
pp. 41-42 endpapers, blank

Physical description

Morocco-backed front and back boards




19th century

History and association


• Connor, L.M., William Evans of Eton 1798-1877, exhibition catalogue, Brewhouse, Eton 1998 (p. 56), Catalogue number: 58
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